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Release Information for CMYLXGOs Stock Desire HD(2) v1.1.5 by cmylxgo
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Release Summary:
Release website:
4/28/2011 4:58:35 PM
Last Updated:
4/28/2011 5:05:30 PM
1970 Times
1030 Times
Base OS:
HTC Sense (Android 2.2)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Leo: T-Mobile HD2


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If you do so you will be ignored!

This ROM is as close to a stock Desire HD ROM that you can get with all the T-Mobile US functionality. This ROM is ment for the T-Mobile US LEO1024 users...so if you are a LEO512 you MUST Flash the LITE Edition rom. If you have a LEO1024 and are not T-Mobile everything should work for you, however, this ROM was optimized for T-Mobile.

Everything is loaded into NAND. This ROM is not squashed and is ment to be super fast for LEO1024 owners. There have been reports of 1ma current draw in standby with this ROM. So not only is it fast, it also makes love to your battery slowly.

-= CMYLXGO`s Stock Desire HD(2) NAND ROM =-
Built for the US LEO1024 HD2
[RUU 1.84.661.1]
[Kernel: RAFPIGNA v1.9 OC]

Full Install v1.1.15

-= CMYLXGO`s Stock Desire HD(2) LITE Edition =-
Built for the EU LEO512 HD2
[RUU 1.84.661.1]
[Kernel: RAFPIGNA v1.9 OC]

You MUST use the LITE Edition [Build v1.1.9] Partition Layout before Flashing ROM

APP2SD Step-by-Step [Thaks carl1961]

Full Install v1.1.9.1 LITE Edition

Approx 64MB free after first boot [LEO512]
Approx 570MB free after first boot [LEO1024]

Whats Included:
Stock Desire HD RUU 1.84.661.1 [HTC ACE]
Fully Rooted
All HTC Widgets
Google Maps
Android Market
Facebook App
Twitter App
GPS Status & Tools - Use this to get aGPS data for super quick GPS lock
MMS Size Fix for T-Mobile aka blurry mms
Default to US English
Default to Fahrenheit
Default to US Date Standards
Default to 12hr
WiFi MAC Fixed
Flash Player v10.1
Working Flash - No browser crash
Working Streaming Video - No audio only
Email Alert and Vibe Enabled by default
Default HTC Sound Set Loaded
T-Mobile Visual Voicemail
T-Mobile MyAccount 
Fandango Movie App
Barcode Scanner
Cyberon Voice Commander
Working HTC Camera and Camcorder - No Force Close or Thunder Cloud
100+ HTC Ringtones
All Current HTC Skins
~482 MB of Free Storage on First Boot

What`s Missing in the LITE Edition:
Removed Skins
Removed HTC Widgets
Removed Facebook
Removed Twitter
Removed Fandango
Removed Wallpapers
Removed LED me Know
Removed GPS Status App
Removed T-Mobile Visual Voicemail 
Removed T-Mobile MyAccount
Removed Solitaire
Removed Shutdown Animation
Removed Search Anywhere
Removed Sound Recorder
Removed Live Wallpapers
Removed Flash
Removed FM Radio and Widget
Removed Stocks and Widget
Removed Ringtone Trimmer
Removed Soundhound Freemium
Removed Google Talk
Removed Google Maps
Removed gMail
Removed youTube

Transformation Packs can be found here.
Custome Dialers can be found here.
Add-On Packs can be found here.
Old build links can be found here.
Change Log can be found here.

Known Issues:
Flip for Speaker Phone does not work. Download app from Market.

GL kernel thread can be found here.
Tytung_R2 kernel thread can be found here.
GPC kernel thread can be found here.
MDJ kernel thread can be found here.
RAFPIGNA kernel thread can be found here.

-= MUST USE CMYLXGOs.ClockworkMod.Recovery.Partition.Setup.02.04.2011.RAR =-

-= I Recommend CMYLXGOs.ClockworkMod.Recovery.Partition.Setup.03. 31.2011[445MB]v3.0.2.4-seadersn.7z =-


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ToDo List...
Fix flip for speaker phone

Change log...

-Fixed Force Close after 1st boot
-Updated zipalign script to only check in /data/app
-Zipaligned all current apks
-Updated Facebook to v1.5.4
-Modified default email settings
-Set Weather to update every hour

-Cooked in Cyberon Voice Command [Thanks pyrorob]
-Updated 98htc_leo script [Thanks pyrorob]
-Added missing files for zipalign script [Thanks pyrorob]
-Fix some WPA2 issues with WiFi by updating firmware [Thanks pyrorob]
-Tweaked build.prop for speed [Thanks pyrorob]
-Updated Facbook App to v1.5.3
-Updated Market
-Updated Bluetooth config
-Updated phone profile to latest T-Mobile Glacier
-Removed LED Me Know
-Fixed LED Notifications