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Community Release Information for Doc`s Master ICS

By: vibranturk
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Released: 5/20/2012
Views: 6396
Supported Devices: - Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant
Downloaded 1131 Times
Downloads: Doc`s Master ICS V12.1

[ICS][4.0.4] Doc`s Master ICS V12.1 20-05-12 Updated again...

Guys just made a small update V12.1 Main reason is modem...I changed it KJ1 to KB5...


If you come from v12 flash directly(wipe unneded) 

If coming any rom other than V12 then read installation from op

V12 to V12.1 Changelog:
-Modem changed KJ1 to KB5
-LuminousDots and DeepSea LWP added (Leaked from S3)
-MIUI weadher added
-TıBu updated


Please read installation from op before and if you get no signal or unknown basband flash KB5 modem from here:

V12 Changelog:
-AOKP base updated to latest...More info:
-I9020 KJ1 Modem
-Latest Subzero Kernel - Vibrant Spesific
-Latest Glitch Kernel - SGS and Cappy Spesific
-New deep black and colored bootanimation
-Added "Search Key" to "Recent Apps" Mod - Vibrant and Cappy Spesific
-Camera has timer function now...
-FFC Mod Fixed - Vibrant Spesific
-Front Camera fixed - SGS Spesific
-FaceUnlock removed -SGS Spesific
-S30Datafix script added for low memory issue...But it may break TİBu..For this reason Titanium Backup users should tick the Preferences > Troubleshooting settings > Follow all symbolic links option
-Adblocking hosts updated...
-Some ringtones duplicating issue fixed...
-Some theming changing...More Black...More Blue...More Transparency
-Changed stock contacts...Theming changing also...
-Changed stock messaging apps...New fatures: emoji`s support and picture notification in status bar when recieving a text...
-TW Clock Save and Cancel buttons not looks clear issue fixed...
-SGS2 Digital Clock Multilang different color issue Fixed...Thanks to another Turk dev Burakgon...more info:
-Some icons changed with SGS3 icons...
-SGS3 Flipboard added
-CM9 Music replaced with Inverted Play Music
-MIUI Music updated - Now comes with widget
-Sony Launcher updated...New features:
-Apex Launcher updated to latest
-File explorer updated to v2.3.7.32 and Colored ICS Black themed...More info:
-Swype beta updated to latest and license fixed...
-SuperSU updated to 0.89...More info:
-Inverted Market updated to latest 3.5.19
-Inverted Twitter updated
-ExDialer and themes updated
-TiBu updated
-MIUI Home-Lockscreen removed
Maybe some more that ı dont remember now...

Thanks Blueberry for pics and video


Important Note: Rom includes 2 Lockscreen
-Stock Honeycomb style ics lockscreen
-MIUI Lockscreen
Please chose one and diasable another...Becouse using both cause problematic...
Disable ICS Lockscreen: System settings-Security-Lockscreen-none
Disable MIUI Lockscreen: Open MIUI Lancher-launcher Settings-Uncheck Use MiHome Locker

V11 changelog:
AOKP M5 Base - KB5 Modem 
Latest subZero v1.2 Build #80 Kernel 
Latest 04-29 Gapps
720p Patched for BigMem Kernels...
Samsung Keyboard FC Fixed - Comes with stock themed now...
New Black themed ics keyboard...
Some market compatibility fixes...(For example you can see-install Dolphin HD and Chrome now...)
Framework and SystemUI edited and optimized...
Some performance tweaks...Build.prop tweaks...
Hosts File updated for blocking ads...
New Suprise Camera app (Stock ICS Camera includes also)
Some music bugs fixed: 
-CM9 Music works correctly with DSP Manager
-MIUI Music works correctly - Has interlal working equalizer...
-You can see CM9 Music controls with Honeycomb Style Lockscreen
-You can see CM9 Music controls with MIUI Lockscreen
-You can see MIUI Music controls with MIUI Lockscreen
MIUI V4 Taste with these apps:
-MIUI V4 Launcher
-MIUI V4 Lockscreen - Compaitable with CM9 Music and MIUI Music
-MIUI V4 Music - Hot Reboot issue fixed
-MIUI V4 File Explorer - Updated and Black Theme fixed
-exDialer + 5 theme (Light,Dark,ICS,ICS-X,SGS2)
-MIUI Weather
Apex Launcher Updated to v1.1.1 and some png`s edited...
Battery Calibration app added
Updated Flash Player to latest
Updated SamsungApps UNA Service
Updated Titanium Backup to latest
Updated Quickpic to latest
Updated Black themed Twitter to 3.2.1
exDialer updated to latest v86 
exDialer Dark theme updated to latest
TW3 Launcher removed
Sony Weather and Clock Widgets Removed

V10.6 Changelog: ( This is a mini-not fully changelog )

-AOKP Build33 4.0.4 Base
-383 Mb Ram from G-Kernel
-T959 UVKAB5 Modem
-Blue Bootanimation Plus Boot Sound
-Mute Patch- Thanks to Faultexception
-720p Video recording&playing support for bigmem kernels
-3 Launcher (Touchwiz + Apex + Sony Arc S )
-New Honey Style Lockscreen
-My Roms Classic Theming - Everyone nows as ButterCream maybe...
-Black and Themed MIUI File Explorer
-New Modded Camera: 
You can now choose to "save to External SD" 
New Focus Modes: Auto-Infinity-Macro-Fixed-Face Detect
Power Shutter...
-Some rom sounds changed: More louder now...
-Some alarms and ringtones added...Some iPhone ui sounds added...


For installation make wipes(data-cache-dalvik) and format system then flash rom...

New V6:

Firstly who wants this rom grows to best and wants next releases... can support me by downloading 
V6 Changelog:
-AOKP M4 Base
-Icy Glitch B6:
-Vibrant Reverse key issue fixed
-Framework And SystemUI optimized and Re-Themed
-Beats Audio Port Added-More Info:
-New Play Store Style LockScreen-More info and for video:
-New Blue Shadowed OnScreen buttons...(Enable from rom control-navigation bar-enable bar)
-Some apps removed from system and putted it to data so System has more free MB...
-Added Low Storage Notification-Datadata Fix. More Info:
-New TouchWiz Launcher (Not disappering TW4)
-Clock Replaced with TW Clock...
-Latest Apex Launcher 1.0.3
-Browser Updated to 4.0.4 and Flash comes preinstalled...
-Blue Shadowed OnScreen buttons...
-Default ICS Camera Video Effects FC fixed
-Youtube Updated to latest with 720p Hacked-More info:
-Market updated to 3.5.15 ( Still black themed and still name is "market" not "play store")
-Google Music removed.Added MIUI V4 Music and CM9 Music+Added Amoled Blue theme for CM9 Music
-FileExplorer Replaced with Mi File Explorer...
-SGSII SemiTransparent Weather Widget Added
-New SemiTransparent GenieWidget with colored icons..
-SemiTransparent LG Message widget added
-SamsungApps Updated
-Added Preinstalled apps: Titanium Backup,Inverted Twitter,ICS Themed XDA, Flash Player, QuickPic...

V5 Full Changelog:
AOKP Base26... ( )
JVU (SGS) - KB5(Vibrant) - KG3(Cappy for 850Mhz) Modem
Glitch V14B5 Kernel...(
3 Launcher ( Nova, Sony, TW4 ) + Home Selector
3 Keyboard ( ICS, Samsung,ICS Themed Swype )
Full Edited and Themed Framework and SystemUI...
Gapps Added
Hacked Camera with Power Shutter and Changing Resolution FC Fixed...
Ext SD Fixed (Works both phone and Mounting to PC)
Latest Chrome update not working issue fixed...
Facebook contacts sych fixed...
Fixed AriesParts.apk (Galaxy S Settings App)
Fixed MMS not sending issue...
Fixed Deskclock with Stopwatch
Fixed Sound Recorder working now...
Fixed Swype not downloading lang
Fixed both ICS and Samsung keyboard issues...
Powered GPS (works on SGS,Vibrant,Cappy) + AngryGPS added
Added Large APN List
Native Ad-Blocking added
USB MTP Mode changed to Mass Storage Mode (Like GB everyone likes)
USB Debug Notification Disabled
Blue % Cycle Battery Mod
Cleaner 5 bar signal ıcon
Inverted G.Music with fixed and working DSP Manager + Voodoo Sound Support
Ported Sony Launcher With Sony Widgets
Ported Samsung Touchwiz4 Launcher
Proted Samsung Apps
Ported Samsung Task Manager
Ported Samsung Keypad
Ported Samsung Memo
SGS2 ICS Themed Digital Clock Widget
Ported HTC Teeter Game
Transparent G.Search
Semi-Transparent and Themed Genie Widget
Inverted Youtube
Inverted Gmail
Inverted Talk
Inverted Market
Inverted Dialpad
Inverted Contacts
Inverted Calender
Inverted MMS
Special Icy Themed Root Browser
Themed TW Calculator
Colored Power Widget
MIUI File Explorer
Fixed LW and added Sense style LW
Added NSTools for OC...
Classic ICS Roboto font changed with new one


-Firstly you must have rooted + CWM installed (you can flash over any rom)
-GB Bootloaders recommended...
-If lagfix enabled(only for samsung based gb roms) then disable it...
-Recommended removing external sd before flashing also...
-Copy rom to internal SD and reboot into recovery
-Wipe Data + Wipe Cache + Advanced-Wipe Dalvik Cache
-Go "Mount and Storage" and format system
-Flash rom and reboot. At least 5 minute wait for first opening...
----if you get bootloop(probably you are coming a samsung based rom),remove battery, reboot into recovery using 3 button combo and reflash rom!
-When first opened let it at least 10 minute settle then reboot again...
-After second opening Enjoy your new rom...

Some tips to get more battery life :
Firstly Calibrate battery-comes calibration app with rom too...
Secondly Don`t OC
Enable Force Gpu Rendering on Developer Options...
Disable Scroll cache Mod from Rom Control...
Disable auto sync for accounts...
Disable GPS and wifi when you dont use...
Disable automatic brightness and set a low level...
Disable auto rotate if you don`t use...
Disable data usage setting...
Disable any Sytem animations...
Disable any Launcher animations...
Disable Widgets in Drawer option on Launcher settings-Drawer...
Disable error-usage reports on launcher settings...
Disable showing notifications at SuperSU settings
Disable Logging at superSU settings
Disable "auto update" at file explorer settings...

TeamKang & Romanbb
CyanogenTeam & Pawitp
GlitchTeam & TK-Glitch & Sixstring
Deficient Development & Brick`ed & MP
Golfslicer, ra3al, apoonet, F4k, rujelus22, djdarkknight96...
All my users & donators & testers & who helps me
All guys who works on ICS...

PS:Sorry my bad english

Doc`s Master ICS ROM 4.0.4 for CAPPY

Doc`s Master ICS ROM 4.0.4 for SGS

Doc`s Master ICS ROM 4.0.4 for VIBRANT

Last edited by vibranturk; Yesterday at 03:13 PM.


© Copyright 2011, CommunityRelease

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