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Community Release Information for HyperSensation

By: Splder
Release Homepage
[ Release notes / Info ]
Released: 6/4/2012
Views: 2035
Supported Devices: - HTC Sensation
Downloaded 890 Times
Downloads: HyperSensation v2.5
Faux`s Latest AOSP Kernel


4ext touch recovery is needed 4ext easy flash
>DSP Manager
>Google Talk
>Keyboard Dictionarys
>Live Wallpapers
>Voice Search
GApps (this is not needed but if you want the things iv not added you can still flash it)
Faux`s Latest AOSP Kernel
Black & White Theme
More Themes
How To Flash
Make sure you have Firmware 3.32 Download Firmware 3.32
Wipe dalvik catch
Format all partitions (except sdcard)
Flash rom
Flash kernel (you don`t have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
Flash addons (you don`t have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
Reboot phone (first boot will take longer then normal)
After first boot reboot again
Then do what you like
How Is This Different From AOKP
Deleted junk (as you can tell by file size compared to original AOKP)
Modded Market app (so you can view all apps no matter what country your in)
Build.prop tweaks (for better battery and speed)
Added DSP manager (for boom boom)
Added volume boost (for more boom boom)
GAPPS already included
Thanks to Kristof for all his hard work with all the hyper roms (Original HyperSensation)
Thanks to AOKP team for the amazing base (Base found here)
Thanks to Vorbeth for the device tree and everything else he has done
Thanks to Sc2k for his bluetooth work
Thanks to Intervirgilium and Faux for kernel work
Thanks to Brads1 for multitouch
Thanks to dennisxl for Apex Launcher
Thanks to Razer(x) for the theme
Thanks to anyone else who i may of missed (please message me and ill add you)

Last edited by Splder; 4th June 2012 at 05:30 PM.


© Copyright 2011, CommunityRelease

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